B&B Torre in Langa

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B&B Torre in Langa

This castle is a "must see" in Langhe, it’s very old (it was built in tenth century) and during its existence has undergone many transformations. Defensive fortress, noble countryside residence and rigid religious college. Each destination has left some traces in the halls of this great building.

Visitors are surprised by the size of the castle which dominates the landscape, tangible image of the power of the lords that were ruling the area.

Inside you can see the rooms with period furnishings of the Marchioness Giulia Colbert, the hall of arms, the library with the memory of Pellico, the patriot, who fresh from the prison of Spielberg, here lent his work as secretary and librarian for nearly twenty years.

On the upper floors houses the Ethnographic Museum-wine of Barolo, an exhibition of antique tools viticulture and wine used in the area, documenting the life and work of the winemakers in the Langhe, in other rooms, a collection of crystal and wine of old photographs of the village.

In the cellars, right where the Marchioness Giulia baptized the first Barolo, it’s host the Regional Wine House.

You can reach Barolo in about 25 minutes from our B&B.

Langhe: Barolo Castle
Langhe: Barolo Castle