B&B Torre in Langa

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B&B Torre in Langa

Exploring Langhe also means knowing its most famous wine: the Barolo! The most famous museum in Italy dedicated to the wine it’s here, in the heart of the Langhe, at Barolo, borough namesake of the king of red wines.

The designer François Confino, author of numerous museum exhibitions around the world is already well known for his work in Turin at the National Cinema Museum and the Museum of the Automobile, he created here in the ancient halls of the Castle of Barolo, a path, halfway between poetry and wine chemistry, that in over 2000 meters of exhibition never fails to amaze visitors.

Four floors dedicated to the celebration of wine, ranging from rooms that illustrate the history of the spread of wine, and other less "conventional" but very artistic, poetic, funny and instructive: a "bench with wheels" to sit on, ride and watch the cycle time and its impact on nature; rooms dedicated to the sun, the moon, the climate, the labor and toil of the peasants. The wine in the history of cinema, literature, music, folklore and myth.

A different kind of museum space that is not limited to providing information in a cold way but involves the visitor in the colors, smells, sensations and ideas that for centuries swirl around to the drink more tasty in the world.

Barolo Wine Museum
Barolo Wine Museum