B&B Torre in Langa

Visit the Langhe
sleep in the Langhe,
taste the boiled
in the best restaurants
it is hard to resist ... o)

B&B Torre in Langa

From the B&B at the Beer House Baladin is only 8 minutes by car!

The Baladin in the Piozzo’s square: it is not just a pub or a brewery, it is a kaleidoscope of lights, colors and music, where you’ll breathe the atmosphere of the Circus between items that varied humanity vivifies.

At the bar or at the table alone, we can meet the Holy Drinker, ready to enlighten you with evocative words or intent to contemplate the foam that goes up into his glass. Enter the Baladin is a journey into taste: not just for beer and food, which ranges from tasty snacks to desserts of Nora, the tutelary deity of the place, turning south into Gragnano pasta and then climbing to the north with the shin for beer, but also, and perhaps more unexpectedly, the taste of good music, always live on Wednesday, and that of good company!

Inside Beer House Baladin
Inside Beer House Baladin